Ready Assembled Furniture

Ready Assembled Furniture

Why Ready Assembled?

For many years many people have been buying and getting frustrated with the complexity and issues with self-assembly furniture or Flat packed furniture. Issues included missing parts to damaged panels etc. Replacement parts take longer to come and you're left with a pile of chipboard...!

There is now a growing trend to towards buying UK made Ready assembled Bedroom furniture and wardrobes and Living room furniture. Why? Not just because of the issues many people face above but also the fact that you simply unbox your item put on a handle or 2 and off you go. All Items come ready to use factory glued and screwed together and on the whole made from better material. 

Delivery.. The ready assembled bedroom wardrobes and chest are designed to be delivered directly into most standard bedrooms via most types of stairwells (loft extensions are an exception). 

During Lockdown there were significant issues with supply chains around the world, the market for Flat packed furniture was hit really hard by this as many components that go in to bag of fittings come from several places around the world. I addition delivery became an issue due to several countries being in lock down as well as new regulations manifested by Brexit. As a result, many leading retailers in the UK shifted to buying furniture from UK based Manufacturers mitigating many of the negative impacts of both Lockdown and Brexit. 

We are finding many people now are fed-up of flat packed furniture and to headaches associated with trying to fit the furniture or the costs of having it fitted by specialist. We also recommend you having a look at our extensive range of ready to use ready assembled bedroom furniture.  


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