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Rauch Symphony White Wardrobe

Rauch Symphony White Wardrobe

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Symphony White Wardrobe Planner

Use the planner tool to give you full freedom to choose your size and internal fittings.

Start by choosing the wardrobe size, then decide the colour or finish of the wardrobe and finally choose between basic and premium internal fittings.

If you need help planning the wardrobe to your requirements then contact us and we can help you design the wardrobe.


4 Doors 200cm Wide

5 Doors 250cm Wide

6 Doors 300cm wide

7 Doors 350cm Wide

8 Doors 400cm Wide

9 Doors 450cm Wide

Larger Sizes Available on Request.

Delivery usually takes 6-8 weeks.

If you live within 100mile of our store we can have these units assembled at home for an additonal £80.00.

Call for more information.

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All wardrobes come with standard shelving and Hanging rails. But you may want to add extras. Have a look at the Wardrobe interior ranges and check by chatting or email if these work with your wardrobe. See more