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Wiemann Wardrobe 2 drawer Internal Chest With Glass

Wiemann Wardrobe 2 drawer Internal Chest With Glass

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Wiemann Internal 2 drawer Chest

A great little addition to the Kent Lima Range of wardrobe. This will work with most standard opening door type wardrobes and some of the sliding door wardrobes but NOT all(but check before you buy).

This Great product simply fits onto the side panels and the drawers extend out on metal runners. You can fit this chest at any height within a 90cm internal section.

Dimensions: W47.5, W72.3, 80.1, 96.4


Currently delivery time is 8 weeks but we are getting these into stock on a regular basis.

Call today to order these as they are or in addition to one of or great wardrobes.

Please note this will work with all hinged wardrobes that have 100cm internal compartments and with some sliders please Call for more information. 

This product is only for the Wiemann Range of wardrobes

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All wardrobes come with standard shelving and Hanging rails. But you may want to add extras. Have a look at the Wardrobe interior ranges and check by chatting or email if these work with your wardrobe. See more